Work in Progress Portfolio independent reflection 13/12/17

When I was leading up to selecting the images for the WPP I must admit I was concerned as the motorsport season had come to an end quite recently and i was worried i had not gathered enough material, and emailed the tutors to show my concern. when i actuelly sat down to review the images properly i realised that I had gathered more than enough images, and perhaps was being a bit pessimistic as i am quite fussy.  before the events and during the module whilst reviewing my other WPP’s and reading my feedback from other WPP’s one said that i hadnt included many photos of the cars themselves at speed so i decided on this angle adding more photos of that, with a storyline element.


Week 10 Independant Reflection (Francesca Genovese Interview) 01/12/17

This was a very interesting interview, and it did higlight alot for me, a couple of years ago I started submitting letters and emails to motorsport agencies and teams and some art galleries (for my fine art work). when she was talking about how artists submit work I found this interesting and full of common sense, though it just highlighted to me the mistakes i made. huge mistakes. the letters and emails I sent was genralised and I used the same one for almost all my submissions so the gallery or agency or potentional client would have seen this staright away and the emails never saw my appreciation for their company. over 100 emails sent I rarley recieved a reply, and when I was it was a polite decline. when she was talking the advice seemed so obvious, at the time i beleived i was doing the right thing and couldnt understand why i was being ignored. This interview made it obvious to me why i was being ignored, and really put to bed something that had confused me for a while. and left me thinking why on earth didnt i think of this before. this was not all that was said in the interview, but this was something that i really picked up on. I beleive that this advice is not only primaorlily aimed at art pohotograhers but can be applied in everything, even when applying for any job. To grow within photography I am planning on submissions again, and this video appeared at the right time. I never planned too give up, which is why I enrolled on this course more than 10 years after starting photography.

Price Plan 24/11/17

Pricing is a subject not discussed for many different reasons… For one thing, often as a photographer shooting for the media, you may not be allowed (as per licensing with the series) to sell photos commercially to team – but everybody is more or less doing it, so I plan not to worry about this too much. Just do like everybody else: keep it quiet.

Also, the other reason is that there is no set price for photo service in motor racing. There are just too many variables: quality of the work from the photographer, use of the photos by the team/driver, quantity, regularity of the service, etc.

If a team wants a few photos for commercial non-advertising use for photos that are already online (or already shot), I plan to go for $100 per photo, but open to cut my price for volume work.

If they want 30 photos every race weekend with a firm commitment/contract for a whole season on a hired basis (with specific shot list), things are slightly different. I’d go for $2,500 per race weekend (minimum), or $3,000 if this is priority work (they want 30 photos on Sunday night).

As you can see, there are many variables here.

Image virus update

Having used a new instagram account and following as many people as I can all within the art and photographic industrys. there has been an increase in followers and likes. more than i thought to be honest and soon i am considering changing the name of the account and making it my fine art instagram account. Well not exactly thinking about it i am going to do it once the module has finished.

Estimate 17/11/17

A small communications agency contacts you and would like you to give them an estimate. They are re-branding Broadgate, an area in London, and need 25 images to use for printed materials, social media, web, tube ads and potentially billboards. The license term is five years. They think you can do the shoot in two days.


1 – Licence period
5 years @ 350%
2 – Media options
All media @ 300%
Total  300%
3 – Territory options
Europe Union only (EU) @ 200%
Total  200%

Total = 350% * 300% * 200% = 2100.00% OF B.U.R. (£100)


Total = £2100.00


Photographer fee 2 days:   £1800

Assistant Fee 2 days: £200

Travel Expenses (based in Hertfordshire): £100

Equipment Hire: £500

Editing Fee (1 day): £500

Total: £5200


Meet someone new 05/11/17


Whilst on a train too Brixton, I got talking to a women, anybody who has travelled on the London underground system will know that this doesn’t happen often, any talking on the tube is rare carriages tend to be silent. In addition, this has never happened to me before, I didn’t really have this task in mind at this point, but in the days leading up too, this task was wondering how I was going to do this. I was carrying my camera as I usually do when visiting interesting vibrant places, as it’s irritating when u see something interesting and can’t shoot it. One could use my phone but we all know this doesn’t compare to the dslr, or film SLR. The carriage wasn’t too busy but there was nobody sitting spaces available. I was standing quite close too her and said “hello how are you”. The young women was wearing headphones which is typical, but she heard me and pulled them out and said she had the worst day, then too my astonishment, began to tell me about her day her life. It was very much a one way conversation with me nodding and saying the odd oh my god and oh dear, and I was struck by her very broad Newcastle accent. And did manage too interject and ask how and why did you move too Brixton. She said she came from a large council estate and moved too London to make a better a life for herself and loved the city leaving her eldest child behind, which I found quite strange. she took a morphine pill whilst talking to me saying it was for back pain, and mentioned the use of cannabis and how this had lead to her land lord trying too kick her out of her flat and continuing arguments with him. I was quite taken aback by all of this information and could see other members in the carriage eaves dropping. It was quite an intense experience and I don’t think ill forget it. I didn’t even get her name and find it strange how someone is willing to tell a stranger so much, perhaps she was lonely and needed someone to talk too. It inspired me to take some photos of Brixton.

Week 5 Independant reflection 05/11/17

In regards to my to the marketing plan and independant reflection, Im now working towards devoloping my current netwroking situation, and getting ready for the Autosport international show in January. Ones aim is devolop a new website and have new buisness card printed in time, and continue to devolop and put my buisness plan in practice. The show is an excellant place to network, and to try and gain clients.