FMP Finished 24/08/2018

Two years and many races later  All completed and handed in. Thats the final Major Project now Finished. It has been a Long tough challenging journey. Pushing me further than i could have imagined. Both the FMP And CRP where by far  biggest challenges on the course. And after a manic month of shoooting, essay planning,  organisation the exhibition  its going to be difficult too switch off and relax as its now done.




CRP and FMP Production 13/07/2018

Now for the really hard part and porobably the most difficult thing iv ever set out to do. putting everything togeather. drafts are well on there way 3000 words for the CRP, but the FMP is still a long way from finishing.  At the moment they are very green and im sure every thing will need re writing multiple times.

Exhibition Donnington Collection, Senna Suite 12/08/2018

Exhibiton today, and though it was close everything arrived on time. the easles where delivered on wednesday and I checked all 20 of them at apart from one with very slight damage they where all fine. I arrived at the Museum at nine in the morning in order too set up. During Setting up I noticed that after having all the easels set up and organised that space that was taken up was very large. And after worrying about the size of the hall ,thinking it may be too big. it was clear it was the most logical area to have it. The exhibtion simply would not have fit in the foyer and would have looked far too cluttered.  I set up the Exhibtion in a off set arc too guide the public around in order too view the work in the order I set out. also they where arranged in an arc to use the light within the space too the biggest advantage I could, I was please.  When the museum opened at 10am  There was a constant stream of people immediatly and i was quite surprised many of them interested too talk about the images and storys behind them. I  wanted to talk too the public and make the exhibition as informal as possible. That was always my aim. through out the Day and after asking reception about ticket sales there where about 80 visitors alamost all of which visited the exhibtion which was more than I expected. Interesting conversations and feedback. with particular interest to the photograph titled “DNF” which being very abstract Image was a suprise. being a race weekend the museum is next too the circuit a sound of racing projecting into exhibition this added atmosohere enhaced as I opened the big bay windows at the rear to enhance the sound. I also recorded a video to give a example of this. All in all i was very pleased how everything went and releived that after all the organisation a setting up I managed an exhibtion in a venue of my first choice.


Production of Article 06/08/2018

Upon recieving my email  regarding publishing a photographic feature on my project A  photo piece that would focus on the stories and life behind the endurance race comprising of 12-15 of the very best images from the last years racing events. I was told that they would happy for this too happen and go ahead and publish something, i would work closer with a witer and construct a feature. this was great news and will be a great accomnyment to my project. Alot of work went into the article and it was constructed and compleated today and subitted for publication.

Editing Complete and FMP Photographs selected 04/08/2018

Upon returning to the UK I recevied confirmation my Exhibtion at  the Donnington Collection was going ahead, on sunday the 12th of August in the senna suite when i planned, being on a race weekend on te circuit next door too increase members . Having edited all my images down sending them off too for publication i then had to edit furthermore for images for my exhibtion. to get them ready for printing and framing on carboard mounts. 20 images ready to be dropped off at the printers and framers on monday. This doesnt leave much time and i feel less than comfortable. having carefully planned the secifics on how i want the images too look there is no room for mistakes its been arranged i pick them up on friday. I have also ordered 20 easels from ebay at six pounds each as this was far cheaper than renting them. i will too sell them when the exhibition is over. and i hope they look ok and do the job. I am very nervous about them arriving on time as i had to order them from diffrent sellers though they are exactly the same product. really feeling the pressure of the entire set up.

Day 3 of the total 24 hours of spa 28/07/2018 – 29/08/2018

Arriving at the circuit at midday I felt nervous as this was this most important part event. I doubt i was the only person feeling this. but the huge amount of practice i had in previous days was a huge advantage to help get in to the swing of things. The pre race build is over an hour long and this is much larger than most races i attend. I found this too be a safe guard if im honest allowing errors of forggotten equipment. but being as prepared as i could be this wasnt the case. the grid at spa is extreamly chaotic and working in the enviroment can be very challenging. The grid which is normally exclusive to drivers team members press and VIPS is open too the public, the staff will let  in as many members of the public as they can before closing the gates. the result being a huge swarm of people. cars will be pushed to the grid spots through waves of people. and getting shots in this enviroment is tough. i was happy how it went however. using wide angle lenses and experimenting as much as i could. much of the grid time was spent focusing on drivers and members of the public, and photographing the atmosphere. The race start is at 1600 quite late in the day, after grid preperations. my main job as i am also working aswell as producing images for my FMP  was shooting the start. After the start, I took some track shots before making my way to the media centre for some editing before a two hour long stint shooting within the pitlane. when night fell this was very challenging, very rarely too i shoot in the dark and i must admit, like on friday i greatly struggled. my inexperience covering these event at night showed and i was disspointed and worried at the results. luckily this was only within relation too ontrack shots. not many of which i plan to use in my FMP but during the night my cpaicity of good shots regarding the track dropped by 90 percent. however extensive work in pitlane which was lit by artificial light, helped make up for it. I was At the circuit the whole night it was next too work on dawn.  trying too show the light within subjects in the pitalne or on track. after dawn a short sleep at my desk in the media centre I was exhausted. but following my plan i wanted too capture exhaustion within the team members aiming too capture them sleeping or similer examples. when it came too the end of the race i was exhausted as im sure many people where. This was only the begining there was a huge amount of work to do an i wasnt entirly sure i had acheived exactly what i wanted having so busy not having the time too study the images.