Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Assighnment Completed 08/12/2018

Oral Presentaion and WIP Mini project is now all compleated and submitted, I was pretty happy with it in the end, though assigntments are never easy. i learned alot during my FMP and the course as a whole. For me i found that this oral presentation was the best one iv done so far and so it should be in my opinion iv learned alot in 9 months. I learned that a fully prepeared script is the only way it can work for me. one thing i learned was that really 10 mins is not long and trying to fit everything in being clear and consise was a challenge but quite enjoyable. Once I had a fully complete script the process moved forward quickly .


Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Working on the Oral Presentation 05/12/2018

Today was very tough, having planned to have the oral presentation completed by now and after many many practices i felt it was still a long way off and the script was simply not large enough or specific enough and i found it impossible to fill the blank spaces. The frustration was enormous and i decided major action needed to be taken. so today before and after work i re-wrote the entire script. This has made an enormous diffrence and after the first read through practice presentation I only hesitated twice and it reached the time of 9mins 30 i was speaking quite fast so i aim to practice exstensivly tomorrow to give the presention a good flow. and with some tweeks to the script hopefully nail the timing and the presentation.

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Working on the Oral Presentation 28/11/2018

This Week I have probably recorded and re-redorded my oral presentaion around 20 times in order to getting used to speaking to the computer and devoloping my script and notes it started off very poorly and I was quickly running out of things too say, and listenting back too the presentsions a practiced my voice was robotic and I sounded bored. many practices later i felt far more relaxed and a converational feel came over, within my oral presention at the moment i still am running over by a couple of minutes but i wish to have version compleated early on in the week so i can send it too the tutors to receive feedback.  i want to take viewer on a journey through this mini project i have created and give an inresting insight into amateur racing and how its a place of determination and ambition.

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Working on the WIP: 23/11/2018

After a couple of webinars and Module leader office hours my WIP has devoloped and been edited alot. this mini project has been quite tough and to create something compleatly diffrent from my FMP has pushed me, but this is what the course is about. trying not to be overly objective in discussion about my WIP I was encouraged to carefully trawl thorough my many images. This did work out, as  I Discovered stronger images i cant beleive i missed. the challenge at the moment is to carefully edit the images to construct a storyline. to take the viewer through a journey of amateur motorsport in the off season within the UK.

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Week 8 Activity price estimate: 13/11/2018

Pricing is a subject not discussed for many different reasons… For one thing, often as a photographer shooting for the media, you may not be allowed (as per licensing with the series) to sell photos commercially to team – but everybody is more or less doing it, so I plan not to worry about this too much.

Also, the other reason is that there is no set price for photo service in motor racing. There are just too many variables: quality of the work from the photographer, use of the photos by the team/driver, quantity, regularity of the service, etc.

If a team wants a few photos for commercial non-advertising use for photos that are already online (or already shot), I plan to go for £100 per photo, but open to cut my price for volume work.

If they want 30 photos every race weekend with a firm commitment/contract for a whole season on a hired basis (with specific shot list), things are slightly different. I’d go for £2,500 per race weekend (minimum), or £3,000 if this is priority work (they want 30 photos on Sunday night).

As you can see, there are many variables here.

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Week 8 Forum, Tell a Story 14/11/2018

I really enjoyed this forum task which is Why decided too post this in the blog.

We where asked too:

Imagine you are being commissioned by a newspaper to tell a story in five to seven images. It can be about anything – ideally something local – but it must have a beginning, middle and end. It can be about a person, a place or a thing. Keep your focus narrow. What matters in this exercise is to make sure each photograph gets to the essence of what the narrative wants to express.

Share the five to seven images of your story below, and comment on the stories of your peers – tell them what you see. Did they understand what your story is about?


Here are the images I used:


Linus LundqvistLinus Lundqvist leads from the startLinus LundqvistLinus LundqvistLinus LundqvistLinus LundqvistLinus Lundqvist

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Week 7 Know your Market 08/11/2018

Over the course of a Motorsport  weekend, I typically send it depending on the size of the  Motorsport event 50-100 images of Free practice and all qualifiying and anything from 200 hundred too 500 hundred if the event is a long endurance race. who I work for will typically pay 50-50 to me for any images sold the same for any individual comssions i get during an event from teams or drivers or any other media outlets.

It has been Impossible for me to make a fulltime living from my work and within the photographers I know there a small percentage that do. often any money i earn can be depleated through travel costs especially if the event is abroad as iv always been a contibuting photographer and not a staff photogrpaher (travel costs arnt covered),  any of the many  angencies now owned by the company. I have no control of the photos used in articles. all the photos i send in are archived and published on a photo gallery.


When I had an article written about me as accompnyment for my FMP I did have full control of images and image order which was nice and rather important.


here is a link to the article

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 22.15.57