CRP Critical Review of Practice 10/07/2018

Started writing my CRP today gathered my notes and started writing a first draft i expect in too change a lot over the next month but i managed 613 words today which I must admit I pleased about, a nice introduction how much will be used in the final i have no idea as my previous essays have had at least 7 versions and the last had 13 versions so im sure it will change, quite enjoyable writing it though i know it will get alot tougher its the breaking down and critical analysis i find really difficult and very stressful. I always a total re write, but iv done it before so ill  do it again.


Writing to staff regarding a photographic feature 03/07/2018

I am now nearing the end of the final year in my MA Photography course at Falmouth University. I am working on the final major project which I deliver at the end of August and the question now is finding a venue to exhibit my work.


Having produced images for publication on since 2009, I’d absolutely love it if there was some way of exhibiting my newest work in a feature or article on the website itself. While I’m planning more formal exhibitions at Donnington and at my local racing garage, I’d really love to find a way to combine that with an online show of talent that could be accessible to everyone.


So, as an accompaniment to my Final Major Project do you reckon it would be possible? If would be interested in publishing a photographic feature on my project..? This photo piece would focus on the stories and life behind the endurance race and would be comprised of 12-15 of the very best images from the last years racing events, I’d be happy to work with the writers behind the site to give some coherent background and commentary on the art I’ve produced too.


During the last year I’ve been working to engage an audience; specifically concentrating on conveying a sense of the iconic and other-worldly, the stand-out moments and unique scenes that go hand-in-hand with track racing. I’ve been creating photos that really aim to inspire emotion in an audience so they internalize the struggle and difficulty inherent within motorsports ultimate world of pressure..!


Please feel free to read my blog and view my work in progress portfolio to give you an idea of what I’m picturing!





I’d really like to find a way to exhibit my selection of work through the site, so please let me know if you think it’d be possible..!


I look forward to hearing from you.





Writing to Teams for more access 30/06/2018

Though in my opinion a massive long shot. I have decided to write too some teams to try and gain further access. Doing this would bring a diffrent element too the project.

The email sent out was as follows:

My name is Daniel Smith, I’ve been a racing photographer covering events since 2009 and I’m currently working on a Masters degree completely focused around the season’s racing weekends.

I am writing to you because I’d love to get closer coverage of your team and feature you in my final major project, with planned exhibitions on and at the motorsport museum at the Donnington circuit.

My last year’s photography has been focused on the unique imagery of the Blancpain endurance series, the unending endeavor of all the personalities that make up a team and all the hard work that goes into each race event. I want to engage an audience that wants to understand the passion and commitment behind the competition, including the mechanics and strategists that make it all happen.

I’m attending the Spa 24-hour race as a member of the press and would love to focus on providing close coverage of your team.

All images would be available to the team free of charge, I would like access to the race garage in its entirety, hospitality and perhaps elements outside the circuit if possible, working discreetly and inobtrusively to capture a snapshot of life from the inside of the team.

I’d offer any photographs I’m hoping to include in my project for vetting and sign any required confidentiality agreement to protect any potential trade secrets, of course. My main focus is purely the personalities behind the team and to document the race weekend in its entirety, creating snapshots of moments that will be an aid to memory in years to come. What I’m envisaging would create some great press exposure for the team, would work excellently as part of my exhibitions and would with any luck provide your staff with some images of moments that they might proudly look back on.

If you believe it may be possible to arrange this situation at Spa and let me work around the team to gather footage, please let me know. Thank you for giving this your consideration.

Research 23/6/2018

Lisa Barnards pictures of soldiers (lisa barnard very interesting artist in the way I feel should have worked more on posed portraits it adds a different element, I feel that maybe a organized photoshoot would show would have to be possible. The emotions she captures in her potraits are haunting, but it would be nothing without the story behind the images. Within the project virtual Iraq there are diffrent stages story photographs and digital imagery, this is diffrent iv not seen many projects like this. also the project polska by the sea was more photo based, with a story precluding the project, the photos where interesing but the story element written before was impritive as i feel without that, the photograhs would have made less sense. The project Excema was extreamely powerfull only five photos and no written story needed, the title speaks for itself, this is by far my favourite project, maybe because of its simplified nature. The photographs simply show what they need in only a set of five and I think that five is the perfect number a depiction of Pain, frustration and sadness these are the three emotions I thought of when viewing them. One of the main things i thought in regards to my own project was the capturing of human emotion something iv been working on exstivly this year and during this project.

Artist Research 16/6/2008

Andreas gurkys pictures of crowd loads too talk about and study really like this work. When advised too study these images, I was shocked I would like too study more his techineque especially of those photographs I saw if F1 teams in the pitalne in regards to motorsport I have never seen photographs like this and it looks like a piece of theatre, not quite real. How did he get that lighting effect is something I will look into. The two different types of crowds I was interested in and studied was the images of the formula one pitstops as its something I wish too research in time for my trip to spa, also the photos of crowds, this came in two different elements, one being crowds of people wearing all the same clothing either it being uniformed attire or traditional dress and one seeming very orderly and the other being that of chaos, I related more too the photos of chaos and thought about working on this element of crowds within my project. I keep thinking about the images and will write more and keep this blog updated. I will look into the unbeivable lighting effects acheived.

1-2-1 with Wendy 13/06/2018

A very good 1-2-1 with Wendy today, I showed her a selection of Images that have taken up all my work over the last few months which i added into my work in progress portfolio, and id be lying if I said I wasnt nervous, I took plenty of notes and theres plenty of work too reasearch to go through I will go through as im sure it will be valuble for my critical review of practice. I Will elaborate on my research in the next blog. One thing I found very interesting was when presenting images points of interests are diffrent with other people and many people all pick out one style of image within my work in progress portfolio. Wendy picked out many she like but many people all like the images of the refelction presented within a mechanics snow goggles (usuelly worn my team members in the pitlane working directly with the car during a race). Wendy wanted too see more potraiture of drivers including there whole body against a blank undetailed back ground I only had two of these images, and during the session we looked   we looked at the work of Rineke Dijkstra Beach Portraits, and this really struck a chord with me I liked the Full body portraiture and will work on this alot in the future, perhaps  trying to get a acknowlegement from the subject or eye contact as most my potraiture work has a voyeuristic approach. there is alot of research too go through and i will include my research in futher blogs i think devoting a focus one artist at a time per blog talking about the impact and opinion and how i think it will effect the work i produce and what i have taken from them.

British GT Silverstone 10th-11th June

During the race I was concetrating heavily on pitlane emotion and atmosphere, landscape photography is tough at silverstone as its an airfield circuit which if im honest is fairly mudain. This is good preperation for spa which my next race. there is a long gap between races which is not ideal but it gives me a chance too start work on my critical review of practice. one new thing i worked on at silverstone was. long shutter speed track shots of the cars on track. Using a very long shutter speed for track shots using 20 (normally shoot 400-500 for head on shots and 90-100 for panning shots) this is a difficult shot too take as it always blurry but its my aim too get the correct kind of blur, one that shows speed but blurs in the right way, i was trying to get impression of a painting exaggerating the speed. i shot over 100 shots of this kind of image and was pleased with only two its something i wish too include in my fmp but over extivly i feel i need maybe only about 3-4.

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