Meet someone new 05/11/17


Whilst on a train too Brixton, I got talking to a women, anybody who has travelled on the London underground system will know that this doesn’t happen often, any talking on the tube is rare carriages tend to be silent. In addition, this has never happened to me before, I didn’t really have this task in mind at this point, but in the days leading up too, this task was wondering how I was going to do this. I was carrying my camera as I usually do when visiting interesting vibrant places, as it’s irritating when u see something interesting and can’t shoot it. One could use my phone but we all know this doesn’t compare to the dslr, or film SLR. The carriage wasn’t too busy but there was nobody sitting spaces available. I was standing quite close too her and said “hello how are you”. The young women was wearing headphones which is typical, but she heard me and pulled them out and said she had the worst day, then too my astonishment, began to tell me about her day her life. It was very much a one way conversation with me nodding and saying the odd oh my god and oh dear, and I was struck by her very broad Newcastle accent. And did manage too interject and ask how and why did you move too Brixton. She said she came from a large council estate and moved too London to make a better a life for herself and loved the city leaving her eldest child behind, which I found quite strange. she took a morphine pill whilst talking to me saying it was for back pain, and mentioned the use of cannabis and how this had lead to her land lord trying too kick her out of her flat and continuing arguments with him. I was quite taken aback by all of this information and could see other members in the carriage eaves dropping. It was quite an intense experience and I don’t think ill forget it. I didn’t even get her name and find it strange how someone is willing to tell a stranger so much, perhaps she was lonely and needed someone to talk too. It inspired me to take some photos of Brixton.


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