Price Plan 24/11/17

Pricing is a subject not discussed for many different reasons… For one thing, often as a photographer shooting for the media, you may not be allowed (as per licensing with the series) to sell photos commercially to team – but everybody is more or less doing it, so I plan not to worry about this too much. Just do like everybody else: keep it quiet.

Also, the other reason is that there is no set price for photo service in motor racing. There are just too many variables: quality of the work from the photographer, use of the photos by the team/driver, quantity, regularity of the service, etc.

If a team wants a few photos for commercial non-advertising use for photos that are already online (or already shot), I plan to go for $100 per photo, but open to cut my price for volume work.

If they want 30 photos every race weekend with a firm commitment/contract for a whole season on a hired basis (with specific shot list), things are slightly different. I’d go for $2,500 per race weekend (minimum), or $3,000 if this is priority work (they want 30 photos on Sunday night).

As you can see, there are many variables here.


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