Week 10 Independant Reflection (Francesca Genovese Interview) 01/12/17

This was a very interesting interview, and it did higlight alot for me, a couple of years ago I started submitting letters and emails to motorsport agencies and teams and some art galleries (for my fine art work). when she was talking about how artists submit work I found this interesting and full of common sense, though it just highlighted to me the mistakes i made. huge mistakes. the letters and emails I sent was genralised and I used the same one for almost all my submissions so the gallery or agency or potentional client would have seen this staright away and the emails never saw my appreciation for their company. over 100 emails sent I rarley recieved a reply, and when I was it was a polite decline. when she was talking the advice seemed so obvious, at the time i beleived i was doing the right thing and couldnt understand why i was being ignored. This interview made it obvious to me why i was being ignored, and really put to bed something that had confused me for a while. and left me thinking why on earth didnt i think of this before. this was not all that was said in the interview, but this was something that i really picked up on. I beleive that this advice is not only primaorlily aimed at art pohotograhers but can be applied in everything, even when applying for any job. To grow within photography I am planning on submissions again, and this video appeared at the right time. I never planned too give up, which is why I enrolled on this course more than 10 years after starting photography.


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