Pecha Kucha 13/01/2018

Whilst preparing for my Pecha Kucha, iv decided too include many images from other photographers hopefully too convey what I wish too try too achieve for my final FMP. Including the images of one of the founders of Eric Gilbert, taken in low light, which is something I wish too work on this year. Also an image from Paul-Henri Cahier, showing the hands of Jackie Stewart and only his hands, body portraiture is something I really want to try this year and create. I plan to elaborate on this concept within my FMP. Continuing my research I was advised in module 2, to study the work of Martin Parr, I see it as challenge to convey human endurance and emotion without utilizing faces. I have worked on this throughout the last modules and the development of these are key to my FMP. I believe that it’s possible to create a mystique in a motorsport environment using images of this style. This style is something that I have only started within the last year whilst studying for my MA and I believe it is still one my weaknesses. I also looked into the work of Darren heath and Jesse Alexander and am including images from them to create an idea of what I want to achieve. Hopefully with the inclusion of some of my images it will be understood where I want too improve and wish too achieve.


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