Pecha Kucha Feedback 03/02/2018

A really interesting feedback on my peecha kucha from Wendy, I included I a lot of images from other photographers, I was told I should have included more of my own work, and thinking about it I should have, I did concentrate on showing my influences and the sort of images I wish too produce. I have fantastic access to this sport. And Wendy advised me to try and create a story and concentrate more on the human side of the sport, and the struggle and human endurance it takes. This is very bold for me but I believe it to be a great idea as I am doing a masters after all. I do work better under pressure. An interesting point also was made by Wendy regarding research, I was asked about the Senna film which is one of favourite films, and since I have watched the film twice, although a piece of film I felt a can gain inspiration in story telling and apply it to my FMP, I have also watched other motorsport but I feel that the Senna documentary really demonstrates human pressure and endurance especially within motorsport. So learned a lot from the feedback and it helped formulate my plan for the FMP proposal.


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