FMP Planning 13/02/2018

Its been difficult to word what I intend too do and create in my FMP

I wish to an engage an audience with a season of Motorsport using my own individual style to convey sense of the iconic and other-worldly; the opposite of journalistic photo, poetry within photography. Creating photos that inspire emotion in an audience so they internalize the struggle and difficulty inherent within motorsports ultimate world of pressure. I want to create inspiring photographs that create a fantasy emotion, images that can say alot with very little.


Capturing these images I will build a narrative with an abstracted storyline, grouping the photos into phases of a race. For example; pre-race build up, grid activity, main race, team and spectator ambiance, post-race emotions and podium celebrations; this allowing viewer engagement with the complete components of a race season. I wish to create a visual statement which allows a unique sport to be experienced on a relatable and emotional plane. With this aim in mind, I plan to create a body of images that are suitable for exhibition.


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