FMP Proposal Complete 18/2/2018

I have completed My FMP Proposal, it was very difficult for me to try and articulate what I am trying to acheive, but I believe I have done enough, but if im honest im not 100  percent sure. When planning thinking and researching what I am trying to acheive in any of my work my ideas always become visionary within my mind. And trying too get this down on paper was very challenging for me, I would often read it back and thing too my self what im saying is not clear doesnt make sense or was too vague. The research element was not so complex for me as explaining what i wanted too acheive, and explaining what I enjoyed from others work was also more enjoyable, and if im honest wrote this segment first in order too give myself a clearer vision of what I wanted to acheive. I have read through it many times now and have 13 copies of my draft. I hope iv done enough, it was very very stressfull I calculated that on FMP proposal alone I spent a total of 37 hours thats a full weeks work, I hope that was enough.


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