24 Hours of Silverstone 13/03/2018

Though this event is not on my Fmp Calender, I decided too attend it too work on light, and to learn of any skills I need before I attend the 24 hours of spa in June. Silverstone is albeit is not a very photogenic circuit and I find I really have to be more creative to produce better images. It has been over three years since I have shot motorsport in the dark at a race circuit. I also wanted to practice in low light situations for example Dusk, and working on silhouette images. The event for me did not start well as I broke down on entry too the circuit, but whilst I was unaware of the problem I still shot the start of the race and the grid and race prep, whilst concentrating and not being distracted the problem was quicky fixed however in under 15 mins by the AA and this allowed me to focus on my work, also allowing me to use the car too drive around the peremiter of the circuit. Whilst shooting in the dark I used a number of long shutter speeds, but I felt that my light streaks where not long enough so the shutter speed was too short, but whilst increasing the shutter speeds it overexposed certain elements of the photo, so iv come to the conclusion that I will need a polarising filter in the future, I do have one but not for my current lenses. Also within the event I used it to practice taking up and close personal shots with my go pro. And get used to finding angles with the go pro without using a view finder. In conclusion I learned a lot from the event.

A selection of the photos can be found at:




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