24 hours of Silverstone research 17/03/2018

Before the event at Silverstone, I wanted to work on form and the silhouette of images in low light as Darren heath does in the example. I did not have the opportunity to cover a race within dusk or dawn but within my 2018 FMP I will, which gives me the opportunity to work on these techniques.

Darren Heath’s publication Art of the race volume 15 and 16 is a solely photographic book containing no text apart from the car, driver or person appearing in the photograph. Using his influence and advice from fellow motorsport photography colleagues I aim to include images that use light to my advantage and convey speed, continuing development from my previous season and achieving images that comprehensively immerse an audience. Also using a flash is something I have tried during endurance and low-lit events, though this is not common practice it can produce an interesting aesthetic. I also looked at the work of Eric Gilbert and his use of low light situations using long light streaks with little low light within the landscape. This effect I like and was hoping to convey it within the event, though I did learn I do need as mentioned within the last blog post that a polarising filter, in order too create this effect, otherwise it over exposes the image. I was very glad that I attended that meeting, now looking back there are not many images if any that I plan too use within my fmp but, the meeting was more of a practice for myself, and many of the images where published, but only for reportage reasons I feel the images where acceptable. But for my FMP the images where not creative enough in my opinion. This was not my aim however my aim was too learn more in low light situations.



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