BGT Rockingham 22/04/2018

In a earlier one to one with wendy, I was advised to capture more images with my gopro, which is desighned primarily as a camera for action sports, I decided too try something diffrent, due to the fact I simply cannot afford a fisheye lens for my primary slr cameras. I really liked the effect of the fish eye on the gopro. and its not so big and clumbsy and if im honest i learned from this event that the camera is less intimitating, i got some reactions to the camera I was not expecting. this including a wave from a few divers whilst preparing for free practice. Its sometimes advantages too approach racing drivers whilst shooting on the saturday the day before the race as there enviroment tends too be more relaxed, there is alot less pressure on these days. I was quite happy with the results from this event. A few images that are good enough for my FMP, and soon i feel should work on contruction of images too create a story line of a race weekend. and for the next race i wish too do some research using art photograhers, too try and create a diffrent feel , focusing on things maybe away from racing itself for example the other people involved  and elements of the track. not purley focusing on the cars themselves.


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