Blancpain Sprint Series Brands Hatch 06/05/2018

Unfornutatly for this event i was not granted a pitlane pass, but I was determined too gain one for the second day of shooting (race day) this has happened in the passed and i never really challenged it. but the pressures of producing images for my fmp, i decided too find and approach the head of communications for the event and after a short disscussion of who I was shooting for. I was granted one for the second of the two races. allowing me too spend all day on saturday working on landscape images and on- track images, These mainly for editorial purposes for During this meeting it was also a goal too shoot diffrent aspects of the sport, for expample the crowd the trucks motorhomes, all too add to the storyline element for my Fmp. So using ifuences from martin parr I spent some time over the lunch break on saturday shooting a a stool which was selling thousands of model cars and using the public as subjects, patriculary singling out members of the public wearing clothes related too motorsport, I chose this stool and and included the  model cars within the forground, as it is it theme with my current practice, and isnt alien too the other photos. also taking varied shots, of voyeuristic and posed shots, this i would never normally do but im pushing myself at this level, i found being a member of the press and introducing myself saying i work for the public enjoy being photographed. I will continue too develop this tactic in futre race meetings. Its all part of a race weekend, and for obvious reasons images like this are not included within race reports, but this is exactly the reason why I chose to take them. Brands hatch is great circuit also too work on track images if i decide too include any within my FMP, (Im coming up with fresh ideas every day). I was quite pleased with the track images but my pitlane and portraiture images are improving and at the next event at silverstone this will be my primary focus. i have planned too spend, Four hours over the weekend within that enviroment. I will talk about this in the next blog and the works of photographers iv been studying. but all in all i was pleased with the progress made.


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