Blancpain Silverstone 21/05/2018

I did extensive research for this event, and at this event, before the event I made the decision to concentrate on human emotion. And devote almost double the amount of time I normally would within the pitlane paddock areas and spectator areas. Continuing my work on light I read an article called “Jim Zuckerman on Landscape Photography: Silhouettes” the images within the articles where inspiring too me and I aimed to start work on this event with images like these with my own creative nature, but within the motorsport enviroment. He talks about within the article about the difficulty of finding shapes, and the importance of simplicity. And whilst shooting in this event I found this too be true, especially within silversone where the architechture is very mundane, so I chose to focus on the human side. I did not expect to get any images but simply practice and keep the idea within my mind if there was an opportunity if the light allowed me to do so. Henri Cartier-Bresson was someone I also studied he is considered the master of candid photography although there are few images that are posed, his images really struck a chord with me as I wanted to study photographs taken with a journalistic approach that really captured human emotion. I also found something interesting whilst reading an article he states that he used leica with only a 50mm lens, The anonymity that the small camera gave him in a crowd or during an intimate moment was essential in overcoming the formal and unnatural behavior of those who were aware of being photographed. I found this very interesting and myself whilst using the very small go pro camera always set on a wide angle setting. Whilst shooting with this much less unintemidating bulkyness than my normal two Canon 1d’s and no flash in low light situations subjects are more relaxed and the camera remains unnoticed, resulting in a natural shot. The diffrence was quite surprising just from using this small camera. Occasionaly subjects will react with a wave a thumbs up or a smile. Over the course of the weekend I spent over four hours within the pitlane and public areas concentrating on human emotion and I was very pleased with the devolopments, and there was definitely enough material I feel could me included in my FMP, I felt there is still further devlopment to come but if im honest I always feel like this and that will I every be 100 percent happy with my images I don’t know, I worked my hardest with this new style of shooting for me only lightly delved into over the last year but in recent events changing my primary focus has made a massive difference.



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