BGT Snetterton 28/05/2018

At this event I was aiming too concentrate on my weaknesses, and continue too devolop my skills and produce images for my FMP in particular silhouttes, although in the last event I didnt acheive an image that i was happy with in regards too this. Whilst editing my images a did acheive one silhouette image that i was pleased with only one i feel worthy of being within my FMP but it is definetly a start, and now i feel through my pratice that i have figured out the light when too perfrom and attempt these images. In my next blog i plan too edit my images so far, so there is a clear story line of my devolopement and a storyline can be seen. these images will be a collection of between 20-30 images maybe more i have not made up my mind yet. I plan too make a peecha kulcha style presentation for next one to one with wendy, so my devolopment can me clearly seen. this race was definetly a continuation of things iv learned over the last few races. Also attendeing far more races this year I am getting too know team members and team members are getting used too my presence. a pit garage during a race weekend is a teams home and too invite yourself in and walk around intimate parts of the grage does feel rude if the team doesnt know you. I do plan to make contact with teams and drivers to soon gain more access in order too produce more behind the scenes images. too add futher too the sortyline and widen the peresepsective of veiwers too my project. This is a very bold an obtimistic idea and involving personal events away from the race track would be a incredible opptunity, this will be very very difficult too acheive but im going too try and ill keep the blogs updated regarding this idea. It is a idea wendy is very keen for me acheive and she is definetly right. Im going too work very hard on it.


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