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Image virus update

Having used a new instagram account and following as many people as I can all within the art and photographic industrys. there has been an increase in followers and likes. more than i thought to be honest and soon i am considering changing the name of the account and making it my fine art instagram account. Well not exactly thinking about it i am going to do it once the module has finished.


Estimate 17/11/17

A small communications agency contacts you and would like you to give them an estimate. They are re-branding Broadgate, an area in London, and need 25 images to use for printed materials, social media, web, tube ads and potentially billboards. The license term is five years. They think you can do the shoot in two days.


1 – Licence period
5 years @ 350%
2 – Media options
All media @ 300%
Total  300%
3 – Territory options
Europe Union only (EU) @ 200%
Total  200%

Total = 350% * 300% * 200% = 2100.00% OF B.U.R. (£100)


Total = £2100.00


Photographer fee 2 days:   £1800

Assistant Fee 2 days: £200

Travel Expenses (based in Hertfordshire): £100

Equipment Hire: £500

Editing Fee (1 day): £500

Total: £5200


Meet someone new 05/11/17


Whilst on a train too Brixton, I got talking to a women, anybody who has travelled on the London underground system will know that this doesn’t happen often, any talking on the tube is rare carriages tend to be silent. In addition, this has never happened to me before, I didn’t really have this task in mind at this point, but in the days leading up too, this task was wondering how I was going to do this. I was carrying my camera as I usually do when visiting interesting vibrant places, as it’s irritating when u see something interesting and can’t shoot it. One could use my phone but we all know this doesn’t compare to the dslr, or film SLR. The carriage wasn’t too busy but there was nobody sitting spaces available. I was standing quite close too her and said “hello how are you”. The young women was wearing headphones which is typical, but she heard me and pulled them out and said she had the worst day, then too my astonishment, began to tell me about her day her life. It was very much a one way conversation with me nodding and saying the odd oh my god and oh dear, and I was struck by her very broad Newcastle accent. And did manage too interject and ask how and why did you move too Brixton. She said she came from a large council estate and moved too London to make a better a life for herself and loved the city leaving her eldest child behind, which I found quite strange. she took a morphine pill whilst talking to me saying it was for back pain, and mentioned the use of cannabis and how this had lead to her land lord trying too kick her out of her flat and continuing arguments with him. I was quite taken aback by all of this information and could see other members in the carriage eaves dropping. It was quite an intense experience and I don’t think ill forget it. I didn’t even get her name and find it strange how someone is willing to tell a stranger so much, perhaps she was lonely and needed someone to talk too. It inspired me to take some photos of Brixton.

Week 5 Independant reflection 05/11/17

In regards to my to the marketing plan and independant reflection, Im now working towards devoloping my current netwroking situation, and getting ready for the Autosport international show in January. Ones aim is devolop a new website and have new buisness card printed in time, and continue to devolop and put my buisness plan in practice. The show is an excellant place to network, and to try and gain clients.

Image Virus

I decided to use an image, out of my current practice. I wanted to choose something that people could relate too and had meaning. The following image was actuelly unplanned and taken whilst taking a series of photos at the event of a freinds.

I chose to use instagram and gain to try and gain followers. and following art establishments and art and photograhy people who the i think the image would appeal to   also adding a caption.

Ill do a futture blog updating the likes and followers. as I try and get the image too spread.


Brief Marketing Plan 13/10/17

A Marketing Plan

I believe that I have a great weakness within this area, and I feel this is something that I very much need too work on over the next coming weeks and aim, in improving more within this in the 2018 as the my current practice, the motorsport season has finished so the progression of the website over the winter and preparing for the season.

I did have a previous website, but shut it down for financial reasons and to prepare a new website.

I plan to make the new website on word press with the capabilities of having the ability to for customers to purchase images online for publication use. Allowing the the client to have immediate access to the images. Also having a printer available to do professional prints. Selling prints too the public could also be a possibility.

The motorsport media industry is highly competitive, and there are very photographers that make a full time living. In addition, there are photographers disappearing on a yearly basis. of all the good friends I have made since shooting the sport in 2009, out of my five good friends there is only two of us left and only covered 3 events to the competitive nature of the sport.

As far as marketing, myself and getting my name out there I believe that this is imperative, I do believe this has been a big weakness of mine. Having previously created a website I believe that I didn’t advertise enough. I must admit that a lot advertising in the industry that I am involved in, is word or mouth. And I believe that that I need to approach and talk too more people.

Week 2 Challenge: Business Plan 04/10/17

Daniel-James Smith

MA Photography Business plan


Mission Statement

Aiming to create a story through the photographs, but also to provide newsworthy images to be used in race reports and special articles. I provide images required by sponsors, Although My photographs are aimed at the motorsport editorial publications. Images and framed are available for the Public.


  • Pre-race Images: Circuit atmosphere shots of the circuit and landscape images. If the arrival is at a hotel images of this will be included. When working at the circuit pre-race I hope to include images of the circuit being set up, with the arrival of the general public. This includes signage being set up, motor homes and team buildings being built. In Addition pre-race images will include driver briefings (if access is given) and car and driver weigh in. There will be a racetrack walk where the driver will walk the track with engineers, where car set up and track elevation as well as other complicated issues are discussed. All this being very typical of a race weekend and leading to a wealth of photographic opportunities.
  • Free Practice and Qualification: My aim is to cover most coverage, if not all, from inside the garage. There I will produce images of the driver in preparation with the car and working with engineers, also producing images of post qualification and engineer meetings.
  • Race: To produce images of all aspects of the race



The Photographs will be aimed prominently aimed to motorsport media publications. But as previously stated also prints will be available to the general Public.