Day 2 of the total 24 hours of spa 27/07/2018

This was more of a relaxed day as on track action did not start untill 5 pm for 2 hour qualifying session. This was a blessing having been up untill 2am the previous night. as all the cars do not compete for qulifying at the same time its done in sections with only 10 cars on track at a time. it made sense for me too spend the entire session in pitlane. i was very pleased with the results and the shots taken where very atmospheric. i dont want too sound self praising but during this sessioni took some of the best potraiture work iv ever done this was a great surprise. but having worked so hard the previous the day i found that it was easier too get back into the rhythem. and shooting felt natural and not forced.


Day 1 of the total 24 hours of spa 26/07/2018

After spending all say travelling yesterday I finally arrived at the camp site I was staying at 20.30 after being a lengthy delay at the channel tunnel. On arrival this morning at the media accreditation pick up point I noticed that I did not have the correct pass I only had a pass that gained trackside access and not pit-lane access, when I first received notification approval of my passes, I did notice this was the case and informed the head of media and it was upgraded well supposed too be upgraded. This was a little disconcerting at the time as my main ambition of this trip is the capturing of human emotion and stress within the sport. Without pit-lane access this will be very difficult. In my preparations for the meeting I did print off the email saying my pass had been upgraded just incase this type of thing was too happen. Good job I did really as it made the process far easier my pass was upgraded in the end no problem. Within the first two hour free practice session I spent the entire time with thin the pit lane, there are too corners accessible within the pit lane and this allowed me to concentrate on pit action as well as taking a break while there was no action going on to take some track shots, as I am also working. The pit lane shots from today where ok but I want too push myself further. I hope too get 80 percent of my images for the exhibition. During a break after taking photos and editing for 4 hours. I did a short rekey of the circuit, I did this so I could get to know the circuit better, I have been there several times but it has been a couple of years. Much like the teams that where racing I was treating this day as a test, getting to know the circuit feel the atmosphere and too spend as much time within the pit lane as possible getting to know the team members, trying to get them used too my presence. After getting to know the circuit and finding places too shoot, there was a night practice session for 4 hours this gave me the opportunity to work in the night and practice. This was ok but made me realize the struggle of my equipment in low light. After spending four hours in working trackside and within the pit lane in the dark I found that I had a few images I considered possible for my FMP. While editing within the four our session I was getting ready too shoot some images of dusk from the pit lane and noticed the sky was purple and red, it changed color very quickly, and I had too react. I went back up too the media centre and grabbed my tripod, I made the decision that due to the color of the sky this was a perfect opportunity to take some landscape images, and the light can suddenly change so I felt I had very little time. Also I had a 20 minute walk to contend with to get to my chosen spot at the top of au rouge, this is also a public that is very popular so I had to contend with finding a spot and politely asking members of the public too squeeze in front of them. The shots resulted in images one of which I will include in my FMP and I was very pleased with the result. It was a long day. Arriving at the circuit at 9 in the morning and leaving until 2am. And then writing this blog.

Planning for Spa 21/08/2018

The Total 24 hours of Spa, a huge race meeting for me, obviously I will be working also, so this will be an added challenge but thoroughout this project this has always been the case and im used too it. I am really nervous to be honest, too produce the images I want, I am hoping to get at 80 percent of my images for my FMP at this event. I am planning to spend 75 percent of my time concentrating on all aspects of the human side of the sport, an limiting my time on track, but i have too spend some time on track for news worthy reasons as these images for are imperative. I really would like too experiment and work more on images such as full body potraiture and other photos pointed out in tutorials that where apreciated. I really want too experiment and bring out the best in my self, push myself and create the best images I can. I am feel the pressure because this i feel is where all iv learned over the past two years must come together. All this as well as the stress of travel and the transportation of large amounts of equipment, that must not be forgotten or left behind, forgetting any equipment could be disaster.

CRP Preparation 20/07/2018

Reached 3000 words in my draft, which was my goal before heading too spa for the most important race meeting of the last two years for me regarding the course. I will write more in the interim, im sure it will need trimming and re writing. probably more than a few times. theres a hell of alot more work today and im planning on putting about 20 hours more work into it.

CRP Critical Review of Practice 10/07/2018

Started writing my CRP today gathered my notes and started writing a first draft i expect in too change a lot over the next month but i managed 613 words today which I must admit I pleased about, a nice introduction how much will be used in the final i have no idea as my previous essays have had at least 7 versions and the last had 13 versions so im sure it will change, quite enjoyable writing it though i know it will get alot tougher its the breaking down and critical analysis i find really difficult and very stressful. I always a total re write, but iv done it before so ill  do it again.

Writing to staff regarding a photographic feature 03/07/2018

I am now nearing the end of the final year in my MA Photography course at Falmouth University. I am working on the final major project which I deliver at the end of August and the question now is finding a venue to exhibit my work.


Having produced images for publication on since 2009, I’d absolutely love it if there was some way of exhibiting my newest work in a feature or article on the website itself. While I’m planning more formal exhibitions at Donnington and at my local racing garage, I’d really love to find a way to combine that with an online show of talent that could be accessible to everyone.


So, as an accompaniment to my Final Major Project do you reckon it would be possible? If would be interested in publishing a photographic feature on my project..? This photo piece would focus on the stories and life behind the endurance race and would be comprised of 12-15 of the very best images from the last years racing events, I’d be happy to work with the writers behind the site to give some coherent background and commentary on the art I’ve produced too.


During the last year I’ve been working to engage an audience; specifically concentrating on conveying a sense of the iconic and other-worldly, the stand-out moments and unique scenes that go hand-in-hand with track racing. I’ve been creating photos that really aim to inspire emotion in an audience so they internalize the struggle and difficulty inherent within motorsports ultimate world of pressure..!


Please feel free to read my blog and view my work in progress portfolio to give you an idea of what I’m picturing!





I’d really like to find a way to exhibit my selection of work through the site, so please let me know if you think it’d be possible..!


I look forward to hearing from you.





Writing to Teams for more access 30/06/2018

Though in my opinion a massive long shot. I have decided to write too some teams to try and gain further access. Doing this would bring a diffrent element too the project.

The email sent out was as follows:

My name is Daniel Smith, I’ve been a racing photographer covering events since 2009 and I’m currently working on a Masters degree completely focused around the season’s racing weekends.

I am writing to you because I’d love to get closer coverage of your team and feature you in my final major project, with planned exhibitions on and at the motorsport museum at the Donnington circuit.

My last year’s photography has been focused on the unique imagery of the Blancpain endurance series, the unending endeavor of all the personalities that make up a team and all the hard work that goes into each race event. I want to engage an audience that wants to understand the passion and commitment behind the competition, including the mechanics and strategists that make it all happen.

I’m attending the Spa 24-hour race as a member of the press and would love to focus on providing close coverage of your team.

All images would be available to the team free of charge, I would like access to the race garage in its entirety, hospitality and perhaps elements outside the circuit if possible, working discreetly and inobtrusively to capture a snapshot of life from the inside of the team.

I’d offer any photographs I’m hoping to include in my project for vetting and sign any required confidentiality agreement to protect any potential trade secrets, of course. My main focus is purely the personalities behind the team and to document the race weekend in its entirety, creating snapshots of moments that will be an aid to memory in years to come. What I’m envisaging would create some great press exposure for the team, would work excellently as part of my exhibitions and would with any luck provide your staff with some images of moments that they might proudly look back on.

If you believe it may be possible to arrange this situation at Spa and let me work around the team to gather footage, please let me know. Thank you for giving this your consideration.