Module 4 Sustainable Prospects: Silverstone Walter Hayes Trophy photoshoot 03/11/2018

Having my final race meeting of the year this weekend, where I planned to take images for my oral presentation and WIP. it was not possible to have my oral presentation draft ready but now with more images i plan to have it prepared by next week for a presentation where it can reviewed and most likely many improvements made.

During the Silverstone weekend, I had only a small amount of work journalism wise so this meant I could pretty much dedicate the entire weekend to mini project I am planning for this module. The aim when at this event which differed greatly from the international events I usually cover. . Its an event organised by the historic motorsport club, the HRSCC. When arriving at the event in the morning and spending an hour or so walking around the venue too get to know the surroundings and feel the environment I wished to capture. Even though I have been to Silverstone many times over the years. I approached this race meeting in a completely different mindset, I felt for the project I should photograph in the style of street photography. Shoot in the same mentality and approach when I shoot street work. Before the shoot I grew great inspiration from the works of Yann Gross in particular his work kitintale, the name of town In Uganda where has a chance meeting of skaters. The series of photographs was a great inspiration and I wanted too use a similar approach myself. Obviously it was not my aim to replicate the images but use my own individual style.

For example I wanted too use a voyeuristic approach to the portraiture work and keep it to the bare minimum maybe only using one and not concentrating on the portraiture but the atmosphere of the event and the machinery. In addition, the portraiture work being more that of a voyeuristic style. I wanted too capture side of the sport and tracks usually ignored and never published as the content could be seen as not news worthy, but im not trying too create a news story but a story of a different kind.



Module 4 Sustainable Prospects Week 5 topic: Networking 24/10/2018

I Believe networking is imperative within business, and it did used too be a great weakness of mine, I believe I have improved a lot I used too be incredibly shy and during my 10 years on the media circus I would say I spent 80 percent of the time quietly photographing and getting on with my business, naturally I making friends along the way, (sadly due too the nature of the business I rarely see them at racing circuits lack of money means most of have gone on to other commitments) during the course I have worked on networking person to person as its really the only way too network. I am often envious of other photographers who clearly run a business and are making money as there networking skills and ability to sell naturally made me want to work on person to person networking. Unless you’re an actor it takes time, and with me a huge change in life situation. The course has forced me to network to gain a higher standard of image. Getting to know team members and casual chat can make you invisible if wanted as they are used to your presence or the opposite willing to help with more specialized shoots.


I Have noticed and especially with the last two weeks since creating a new Instagram Account, the power of social media. I also find social media a fun way to share work and bring out your personality with comments and hashtags. Within two weeks of using instagram I was contacted by the Bentley motorsport media team for possible contribution to there in house magazines in 2019. So I am continuing to work on instagram uploading photographs and posting daily. I have actually Cut out all other forms of social media. Flicking through commenting and uploading in small spare moments.


I really like the idea of entering a photo competition. Specifically the international photography awards sports section maybe ambitious but I don’t expect to win or hope to win its more, lets see what happens. Its not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me I like the idea its been 10 years since I last entered one which was the international fine art award in 2009 I think I’m not sure but I reached the third round with some of my street photography/fine art photography, this was just a few months before I started as member of the press for motorsport. And what I enjoyed doing at the weekends.

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects Week 4 Marketing Plan 17/10/2018

It is my plan too keep my business plans as simple as possible. And there are some plans that I wish to take within 2019, within the motorsport photographic industry it can be difficult to make money and tougher too make a living. But in order to gain more clients I think it is imperative to spread my market outside the media, and broaden to perhaps covering non international races inbetween events, and sell images to drivers and smaller teams.

Firstly I would like to construct a website where I can upload images onto and clients can purchase and download digital high quality images from the site directly without the need of personal interaction or emailing unless they wish to and desire specific images or prints. Also constructing a site where the client will be able to have there own account. To make the purchase of images simple and stress free. Also I will upload all my back catalogue of images because often when I get emails from media outlets requiring images they can be years old. Having a total of over 14000 images this will be a long process but luckily all my images are backed up several hard drives.

Using business cards I feel that they are useful and I always carry a few with me, I feel that networking is the most powerful tool within the industry and I would be the first too admit that this is one of my weaknesses. I feel that good a simple way for potential clients to see my name and or company name, I think it would be advantages to have clothing with a unique logo. For example hats and jackets fireproof equipment and helmet that I have to wear in some races for safety reasons. Also to have logo stickers on my camera.

I will also continue to send daily updates on Instagram and continue to grow followers within the industry as much as I can.

These are very early ideas and as far as costs its obvious that I wish too keep budget as low as possible. But I feel that the website will be the biggest expense.

The eventual objective would be to build business and hopefully grow to become my own agency perhaps not specifically focusing on motorsport but sport as a whole. I know that market is competitive but there are many possibilities in the direction of the business.


Module 4 Sustainable Prospects Photography BRDC Britsh Formula 3 Silverstone 13th-14th October 2018

Silverstone meeting this weekend was a success as far as images where concerned, continuing with my original idea of focusing on the human side of the sport but rather than my FMP focusing on endurance racing I will be concentrating on that of mainly single seater amateur drivers and younger drivers trying to make it as professionals in there chosen. Through the FMP I believe I did pick up on necessary skills to capture moments of driver preparation and differentiate from traditional news photography. Attending the race both days (Saturday and Sunday) unfortunately upon arrival on the Sunday there was torrential rain and though racing was attempted at 13.30 the race meeting was cancelled due to safety reasons. I have been covering motorsport for 10 years and this incident has happened twice this year and I have never experienced race cancellations due to rain before. Though this being the case I was pleased with the images captured the day before. One thing that it is very apprarent when covering these the races is the length 20mins and 4 separate races, and having covering endurance races which range from a minimum of 1hrs 2hrs 3hrs 6hrs and 24 hours the time constraints are noticeable but, the skills I learned during my FMP did help and covering all aspects of the race is a challenge in a short amount of time. My main focus for the course is human and endurance and emotion but working for its obviously a challenge to capture images for them as well.


Module 4 Sustainable Prospects Week 3 Challenge Image Virus 12/10/2018

This week you will create an Image Virus.

Make an image that you feel is intriguing and appealing, and spread it around as many places as possible. Keep the credit anonymous. Photocopy the image and paste the copies on walls throughout your city (within reason – I don’t want you to get into trouble for fly posting), mail copies to everyone you know, post copies through letter boxes in your neighbourhood. On the back of the photocopy leave only an e-mail address and a hasthag. If anyone e-mails you, reply with only the image as an attachment. E-mail this image to everyone you know. Make a website for it, make it your status on social media – tweet it, post it, blog it. And get others to spread it around the internet; ask you friends to help. If the virus becomes widespread enough, you might find it returned to you, or used by others.

I obviously don’t want to get you into trouble – so please do this within reason. 

The internet is a powerful space and will present you with many possibilities to spread your Image Virus. Track your Image Virus via any e-mails you receive, and with the hashtag.  Do this for a few days, or even a few weeks, and then write 200 – 300 words on what happened and share your experience with your peers in the space below. Discuss what worked, and what did not work.


This is going to take longer than I thought, I will continue to devolop an idea for an image virus, but thus far I have completly changed my personal instagram account and plan to build followers and post pictures before thinking of an concrete idea for this task and then post the results within my CRJ. Its not going too bad at the moment with my followers incresed by 100 in just 48 hours. including many racing drivers and kep personel within the motorsport industry. iv realised this is a very good advertising tool and something i should have done earlier. its also a fun way for people too see my images. I woud like to think of some sort of motorsport campaighn maybe an humourous motorsport related meme using images. i dont know im still bouncing ideas in my head but i will continue this beyond this week and keep it updated.




Module 4 Sustainable Prospects Week 2 Whos image is it anyway? 04/10/2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 00.57.07

I Must admit I find the courts decision somewhat surprising. I do beleive you can use art to create art work, I remember in the 90’s when there was an increased populairty in picture mosiacs, the first time i saw this style of image i found it interesting and fantastic but my age was in single figures. I find it rather cliche.

The need to attribute does not drive from the fact that these are copyrighted images. Attribution is generally required as part of an agreement on the use of the images. I can’t just give attribution to Dan Brown and then republish The DaVinci Code. I would still need his permission and then he would probably require me to attribute him as the author and likely want me to list that the original work is under his copyright.

In my opinion prince did not  use the image to create original artwork, he altered the original photograph. Therefore should have asked for permission this is obvious.

Module 4 Sustainable Prospects Week 2 Challenge, Lets Talk Buisness 03/10/2018

Mission Statement


To Produce high quality images of competitors within national Motorsport within the UK. Having been an accredited member of the press since 2009 covering international race events. High quality images of motorsport is something that comes very naturally to me.

During the International, European Motorsport off season which begins from October until Easter, there can be period of 4-5 months where events can be limited and specialising in smaller events covering not just the major headlining event but the smaller club meetings also during winter series events.

Providing images not only too major news outlets but providing clients such as smaller sponsors and drivers.

These events mainly consist of Amateur racers spending in most cases tens of thousands per race season in order to support there hobby, and provide clients with a unique professional style and capturing memories for clients.



High quality of all competitors I believe is imperative and all images taken at events are archived in high quality. And I am planning a website construction that allows all images to be uploaded and purchased in downloadable high quality from the website directly.

Also Full coverage for individual teams can be organised if required but notice will need to be given before hand.

This will include:

  • Pre-race Images: Circuit atmosphere shots of the circuit and landscape images. If the arrival is at a hotel images of this will be included. When working at the circuit pre-race I hope to include images of the circuit being set up, with the arrival of the general public. This includes signage being set up, motor homes and team buildings being built. In Addition pre-race images will include driver briefings (if access is given) and car and driver weigh in. There will be a racetrack walk where the driver will walk the track with engineers, where car set up and track elevation as well as other complicated issues are discussed. All this being very typical of a race weekend and leading to a wealth of photographic opportunities.
  • Free Practice and Qualification: My aim is to cover most coverage, if not all, from inside the garage. There I will produce images of the driver in preparation with the car and working with engineers, also producing images of post qualification and engineer meetings.

Race: To produce images of all aspects of the race.

Prints and framing will also be available. If required by the client and proving the printing of the images myself I ensure they will be of the highest quality.


The Market

Although I feel you can arrive at events with goals or one individual client it is normal for face to face arrangements and deals being made for images. So it all markets must be taken into consideration. The motorsport photographic industry is very competitive and over the years it has become almost impossible to make an income only within motorsport photography outside the attachments of a major agency, as an indivduel self employed photographer.