FMP Proposal Complete 18/2/2018

I have completed My FMP Proposal, it was very difficult for me to try and articulate what I am trying to acheive, but I believe I have done enough, but if im honest im not 100  percent sure. When planning thinking and researching what I am trying to acheive in any of my work my ideas always become visionary within my mind. And trying too get this down on paper was very challenging for me, I would often read it back and thing too my self what im saying is not clear doesnt make sense or was too vague. The research element was not so complex for me as explaining what i wanted too acheive, and explaining what I enjoyed from others work was also more enjoyable, and if im honest wrote this segment first in order too give myself a clearer vision of what I wanted to acheive. I have read through it many times now and have 13 copies of my draft. I hope iv done enough, it was very very stressfull I calculated that on FMP proposal alone I spent a total of 37 hours thats a full weeks work, I hope that was enough.


FMP Planning 13/02/2018

Its been difficult to word what I intend too do and create in my FMP

I wish to an engage an audience with a season of Motorsport using my own individual style to convey sense of the iconic and other-worldly; the opposite of journalistic photo, poetry within photography. Creating photos that inspire emotion in an audience so they internalize the struggle and difficulty inherent within motorsports ultimate world of pressure. I want to create inspiring photographs that create a fantasy emotion, images that can say alot with very little.


Capturing these images I will build a narrative with an abstracted storyline, grouping the photos into phases of a race. For example; pre-race build up, grid activity, main race, team and spectator ambiance, post-race emotions and podium celebrations; this allowing viewer engagement with the complete components of a race season. I wish to create a visual statement which allows a unique sport to be experienced on a relatable and emotional plane. With this aim in mind, I plan to create a body of images that are suitable for exhibition.

FMP Planning 06/02/2018


Iv wrote a plan of what i wish too include this year, im quite pleased with it and aim too inlcude it in my FMP.

Action plan timetable and primary focuses on development of my FMP

Whilst covering events I believe it will be to my advantage to have a primary focus and skill on which to develop.

31st MAR 2018 -2nd APR 2018

During the first round I wish to work more on the time I have between the races. There is a lot of downtime from one race to another and this will allow me to edit images and work on landscape images, working with the light. The reason I chose to work on these elements within this event is Oulton Park is built on an especially picturesque landscape. The land has rolling hills and is in contrast to most race circuits.


During this round it is my aim to develop my use of natural light. Experimenting with use of a tripod,


and focusing once again on atmosphere, capturing a different aspect of the cars being prepared.

5th-6th MAY 2018

Whilst continuing to develop other skills, using a GoPro set on a wide angle fish-eye style lens. I wish to produce images that are more up close and personal; this is very often a challenge and I believe that this will include some networking, social skills and confidence.

I will be developing these skills in previous events but during this event it will be my primary focus. Concentrating on race and grid preparation I aim to use the GoPro as my primary camera. Brands Hatch’s wooded area is ideal for panning shots, including cars and spectators. Capturing ‘up and close’ personal shots will be my primary objective.

19th-20th MAY 2018

I aim to concentrate again on ‘up and close’ personal shots; Silverstone as an environment is plain and open, not interesting or distinctive. Personal shots are likely to produce a more insightful view into the world of motorsport. Also I believe it will take more than one event to practice and develop these skills.


BGT ROUND 4 & 5 SNETTERTON 26th-27th MAY 2018

During this event I will be aiming to continue my development on body portraiture.


This event will also be a continual development of the skills I was refining at Snetterton.

6th-8th of July
(Formula 1 May not be possible, Possibly Formula 2 only.)

This is where I put to practice all the skills as a synergistic whole. As a large event, this is where I aim to produce a bulk of my images for the FMP. In the week after this event I will begin making my PDF which must be included as part of my FMP. Arranging images and writing text, with feed back from my peers and tutors.


Another expansive event; I wish to put all the practice and developments together as a whole across the 4 days. The event is replete with brilliant opportunity for night shots and crowd atmosphere after and before dark. Within this event I aim to provide many images for my FMP as for me this will the largest and most important event I cover this year.


I aim to concentrate on voyeuristic shots. Capturing atmosphere and


4th-5th AUG 2018

portraits whilst trying to remain inconspicuous.


Being a large international event it is my aim once again to use all my skills as a whole to produce desired results.


Continuation of development skills as a whole.

Setting up of final FMP
AUG 21st-23rd (dates may be moved)

Exhibition set up and launch

* May not be possible pending FIA approval

Pecha Kucha Feedback 03/02/2018

A really interesting feedback on my peecha kucha from Wendy, I included I a lot of images from other photographers, I was told I should have included more of my own work, and thinking about it I should have, I did concentrate on showing my influences and the sort of images I wish too produce. I have fantastic access to this sport. And Wendy advised me to try and create a story and concentrate more on the human side of the sport, and the struggle and human endurance it takes. This is very bold for me but I believe it to be a great idea as I am doing a masters after all. I do work better under pressure. An interesting point also was made by Wendy regarding research, I was asked about the Senna film which is one of favourite films, and since I have watched the film twice, although a piece of film I felt a can gain inspiration in story telling and apply it to my FMP, I have also watched other motorsport but I feel that the Senna documentary really demonstrates human pressure and endurance especially within motorsport. So learned a lot from the feedback and it helped formulate my plan for the FMP proposal.

Pecha Kucha 13/01/2018

Whilst preparing for my Pecha Kucha, iv decided too include many images from other photographers hopefully too convey what I wish too try too achieve for my final FMP. Including the images of one of the founders of Eric Gilbert, taken in low light, which is something I wish too work on this year. Also an image from Paul-Henri Cahier, showing the hands of Jackie Stewart and only his hands, body portraiture is something I really want to try this year and create. I plan to elaborate on this concept within my FMP. Continuing my research I was advised in module 2, to study the work of Martin Parr, I see it as challenge to convey human endurance and emotion without utilizing faces. I have worked on this throughout the last modules and the development of these are key to my FMP. I believe that it’s possible to create a mystique in a motorsport environment using images of this style. This style is something that I have only started within the last year whilst studying for my MA and I believe it is still one my weaknesses. I also looked into the work of Darren heath and Jesse Alexander and am including images from them to create an idea of what I want to achieve. Hopefully with the inclusion of some of my images it will be understood where I want too improve and wish too achieve.

Work in Progress Portfolio independent reflection 13/12/17

When I was leading up to selecting the images for the WPP I must admit I was concerned as the motorsport season had come to an end quite recently and i was worried i had not gathered enough material, and emailed the tutors to show my concern. when i actuelly sat down to review the images properly i realised that I had gathered more than enough images, and perhaps was being a bit pessimistic as i am quite fussy.  before the events and during the module whilst reviewing my other WPP’s and reading my feedback from other WPP’s one said that i hadnt included many photos of the cars themselves at speed so i decided on this angle adding more photos of that, with a storyline element.

Week 10 Independant Reflection (Francesca Genovese Interview) 01/12/17

This was a very interesting interview, and it did higlight alot for me, a couple of years ago I started submitting letters and emails to motorsport agencies and teams and some art galleries (for my fine art work). when she was talking about how artists submit work I found this interesting and full of common sense, though it just highlighted to me the mistakes i made. huge mistakes. the letters and emails I sent was genralised and I used the same one for almost all my submissions so the gallery or agency or potentional client would have seen this staright away and the emails never saw my appreciation for their company. over 100 emails sent I rarley recieved a reply, and when I was it was a polite decline. when she was talking the advice seemed so obvious, at the time i beleived i was doing the right thing and couldnt understand why i was being ignored. This interview made it obvious to me why i was being ignored, and really put to bed something that had confused me for a while. and left me thinking why on earth didnt i think of this before. this was not all that was said in the interview, but this was something that i really picked up on. I beleive that this advice is not only primaorlily aimed at art pohotograhers but can be applied in everything, even when applying for any job. To grow within photography I am planning on submissions again, and this video appeared at the right time. I never planned too give up, which is why I enrolled on this course more than 10 years after starting photography.